L'Antico Capsules

a selection of grinded coffee with specific flavors packed into single doses adjusted for a machine especially designed for taking capsules. Each capsule is packed in aluminum foil and transport packets of 50 or 100 pieces. Notable ones are the decaffeinated coffee and coffee with Ginseng flavor. Ginseng is a plant root which helps with memory and refreshes the body. The capsules are adjusted for easy use and are characteristic for their freshness of the grinded coffee. It is recommended for offices and smaller shops which don’t have great coffee consumption. Capsules: Gran Riserva has a strong and full coffee flavor; Gran Crema has a gentle flavor and lighter color; Green coffee; The al Limone – coffee with added lemon; Cioccolatino – coffee with added chocolate, Ginseng, Decaffeinato – decaffeinated coffee, Caffe al Ginseng – coffee with added Ginseng.

Thanks to many years of experience we have reached a leading position on the Montenegrin market when it comes to tea and coffee